Why Do Pokémon Trainers Wear Hats? Explained.

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Pokémon trainers have been wearing hats since the original Pokémon games were released in the 1990s. The trend of wearing hats has continued in the Pokémon anime, with many trainers sporting different types of headwear. Most trainers wear baseball-style caps for fun, but other hat styles are also seen. 

The origin of trainers wearing hats in Pokemon is unknown, but the designers of the Pokémon franchise likely wanted to make the trainers stand out from other video game characters. Wearing a hat is a simple way to make a character more visually distinctive; it helps protect them from the sun, and wearing a cap was a remarkable trend in the 90s. 

In the real world, many people wear hats to express their personality or allegiance to a specific team or club. The Pokémon trainers who wear hats are likely meant to be seen as unique individuals rather than simply followers of fashion trends.

The Fashion of Pokémon Trainers Wearing Hats


Ash Ketchum is seen wearing a variety of different caps in the anime. Trainers, on the whole, seem to be favoring them over all other forms of headwear, even though it is so impractical while out in the field. 

While it hasn’t been outright stated, the primary reason behind this trend likely is that, since the anime is aimed at a younger demographic, the hats help to add a bit of a “cool factor” to the characters. In addition, caps are also reasonably easy to animate, which likely helps to keep the show’s budget down.

The Function of Pokémon Trainers Wearing Hats

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A trainer’s hat serves a few purposes. It helps to identify the trainer as a member of a particular team or organization and protects the trainer’s eyes from the sun. 

Wearing a hat seems to be a distinctive characteristic of Pokémon Trainers, so it helps separate ordinary civilians from Pokémon Trainers. There may be places normal people aren’t allowed to go or things they can’t do, so distinguishing them from ordinary people is beneficial. 


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Pokémon Trainers are always out and about. We mostly follow Ash Ketchum in his journey to be the best Pokémon Trainer, and Ash is always on the move. Wearing a hat can help protect trainers from the sun because it shades their faces and eyes from the sun’s rays. Maybe hats are meant to protect Pokémon Trainers from the sun since they spend most of their time outside. 

Hat as a 90s Trend

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Hats used to be a cool accessory in the 1990s! It was popular to see iconic characters wearing hats, such as the various Pokémon trainers. They symbolized many things, including cultural movements, trends, and music genres. 

Hats were also worn with different outfits, allowing individuals to express themselves in their unique style. Even today, caps remain popular among teens and young adults as a way to show individuality and make a fashion statement.

This is likely why Pokémon Trainers wear hats. Another 90s thing kids used to do with caps was turn them around when things got “serious.” We see Ash Ketchum do the same thing early on in the Pokémon anime series, which means hats were considered an excellent design element.