Satoru Gojō Finally Got Unsealed: Here’s How!

Gojo got unsealed heres how 1

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Satoru Gojō is not the protagonist of Jujutsu Kaisen, but by all standards, he is its strongest and most important persona. Basically overpowered, Satoru Gojō can defeat anyone he comes across, including – by his own assumption – the fully-powered Sukuna (although he has said that it would wear him down a little). Gojō deserves praise as he is one of the franchise’s best-written characters. But, despite all of his powers and abilities, Gojō was sealed by Kenjaku in the dreaded Prison Realm, with no means of escape from the inside. Yes – you’ve read it: “was.” As of the most recent chapter of Jujutsu Kaisen, Satoru Gojō has officially been released by Hana’s Jacob’s Ladder technique, and in this article, we will bring you all the details.

After over 1,100 days in the Prison Realm, Satoru Satoru Gojō has finally been freed in Chapter 221 of Jujutsu Kaisen. This was done using Hana Kurusu’s Jacob’s Ladder technique, which can negate any and all techniques, regardless of how powerful it is, including barriers such as the Prison Realm. After that, he wants to face Sukuna and Kenjaku.

This article will focus solely on Gojō and how he was freed from the Prison Realm after over 1,100 days of imprisonment. You’re going to find out all of the circumstances surrounding this event, as well as its consequences. Due to his popularity, it is completely understandable that people want to know about Gojō’s fate, but be aware that this article has many spoilers.

Gojō was sealed for more than 1,100 days, but Hana finally freed him with Jacob’s Ladder

Satoru enters the veil that has been placed over the neighborhood on October 31 in Shibuya. Satoru decides to move toward the lower levels as he forces his way through the mob after realizing the enemy’s goals. Jōgo, Hanami, and Chōsō confront Satoru as he enters the subway. Then Satoru gets ready to battle the three Curses.

Satoru tells them it’s unnecessary because he has no intention of fleeing as Hanami begins to block all the exits. The trapped individuals are then taken into the underground, where the Curses subsequently attack Satoru. Satoru is attacked by Jōgo and Hanami utilizing Domain Expansion, but he can defeat their attack. Satoru considers how Domain Expansion operates and how exposed he is right now to their attacks.


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When Jōgo remarks that Satoru isn’t going to flee, Satoru responds that he is shocked because the curses believe their weak tactics would allow them to defeat him. Satoru removes his blindfold and says he will deal with Hanami first because the scourge escaped despite being confronted twice. Jōgo and Hanami attack Satoru as the latter approaches them.

The Jujutsu sorcerer successfully avoids their blows and even succeeds in severing Jōgo’s arm. Satoru follows Jōgo as he flees the altercation. Hanami chooses to cast his own spell on Satoru since she believes the latter won’t use any of his spells, but Jōgo counsels him against doing so. Unfortunately, Satoru seizes Hanami in an instant and tears his branches away.

Chōsō suddenly attacks Satoru, but the latter successfully parries the blow. Then, Chōsō is identified by Satoru as one of the Cursed Womb Death Painting, and he is noted for not attacking in the same manner as the other curses. After becoming weaker, Satoru’s Infinity throws Hanami into the wall and is ultimately exorcised. Then, as people begin to shun him, Satoru wonders how he may end the curses when enough people have left. However, he acknowledges that he won’t be able to save everyone. Satoru wonders what the curses are thinking when a train of transformed humans arrives and begins attacking people.

Gojo got unsealed heres how

Satoru dodges Mahito’s attack and then delivers a blow in retaliation, missing the target. Satoru becomes preoccupied as more humans are transported to their location and leave Mahito and Chōsō to murder the nearby humans. Satoru tries to seize Jōgo’s arm when he suddenly attacks, but Jōgo cuts him off to flee. Then, for 0.2 seconds, Satoru triggers his Domain Expansion, freezing everyone in the subway. Satoru then starts killing all the transformed humans, specifically a thousand.

Satoru then spots a little package on the ground. When Suguru appears, Satoru is about to walk away but stops. The box lying on the ground then traps Satoru, who is subsequently perplexed by the appearance of his deceased friend. Satoru believes he has lost since he no longer feels his strength. But when he inquires about her identity, the person before him replies, “I’m Suguru.”

With his eyes, Satoru exposes the fraud, and the individual standing before him admits to being a forger. The individual adds that after carrying out his plan for a thousand years, he will reveal Satoru. Satoru counters that even though Yūta is strong, he couldn’t become the “next Satoru Gojō,” saying they still have him on their side.

The impostor seals Satoru after saying goodbye to him. Satoru asks Suguru how long he intends to let someone else take control of his body before he departs. Suguru’s body arm suddenly grips his own neck in response to this. This is the first time an occupied body has ignored the impostor. He chuckles. The impersonator phones Mahito after that, and they talk about what transpired. Satoru orders the impersonator to seal it swiftly after listening to them since he is weary of extending them. The impostor then imprisons Satoru within the walls of the Prison Realm.


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After being sealed, Satoru casts a spell that causes the Prison Realm’s Boundary to collapse, much to the enragement of the would-be Suguru. Satoru admits his mistakes inside the edge but then puts his faith in his pupils. Satoru was expelled from the jujutsu society permanently after the Shibuya Incident because he was believed to be one of the incident’s causes.

gojo and sukuna choose a date to fight in jujutsu kaisen

Removing his seal has also been declared illegal, and those who do so will be regarded as traitors. Later, as Yūta and Yūji are conversing, the former confesses that Satoru visited him in Africa sometime in September. If something occurred to Satoru, in particular to Yūji, he had personally instructed him to keep an eye on all the first and second.

After uniting, Yūta and Itadori were actively working on freeing their mentor, and after a while, they managed to find someone willing to free Gojō, but under one condition. Namely, Angel, who inhabits Hana Kurusu’s body, agrees to liberate Gojō, but only if they take care of Sukuna first. Now, no one was really willing to kill Itadori, not even for Gojō’s sake (Gojō himself would probably disagree with that), which postponed the process, but since Sukuna managed to get out anyway and possess Megumi, this wasn’t really an important issue anymore.

Namely, knowing that only Gojō could defeat Sukuna now, Angel finally agreed to do it, using Jacob’s Ladder technique. Namely, Angel’s innate ability is technique nullification, and by using Jacob’s Ladder, Angel can destroy any type of curse, including strong defensive curses such as the Prison Realm created by Kenjaku. This is something that had been discussed earlier when the protagonists were discussing a way to free Gojō. Now, it has finally happened in Chapter 221 of the manga, as Jacob’s Ladder finally destroyed the barriers of the Prison Realm.