Itachi vs. Minato: Who Would Win in a Fight?

Itachi vs Minato Who Would Win in a Fight

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If you ever wondered what would happen if one of the strongest characters in the Naruto universe clashed in a fight, look no further. From the title, you probably guessed that we are of course talking about Itachi Uchiha and Minato Namikaze. Two characters who have been the most influential in Sasuke and Naruto’s life.

Itachi would win in a fight against Minato. His Dōjutsu powers would completely overwhelm Minato. Not that he wouldn’t put up a fight, he is very skilled and has developed a very strange jutsu called the Flying Thunder God Technique. Overall when looking at Itachi’s Susano, Izanami, and other Mangekyo Sharingan abilities, we feel like we have the answer to this question.

In this article, we are going to try and simulate what would happen if Minato and Itachi fought against each other. If their paths crossed what would that look like, and who would come out on top? So let’s take a look at what would happen in an Itachi versus Minato battle, and who would win the fight? If you are interested so far, stay with us and keep reading for more!


When we look at this category, both Itachi and Minato are pretty strong. Minato’s Flying Thunder God Technique can help him teleport in, no pun intended a flash. He can be in one place for one second and if he marked his opponent he will appear behind him when they are least expecting.

That is if Minato manages to get that close to Itachi or to an object near him. Since Minato’s power depends a lot on a close combat situation, Itachi’s Susano makes it even more difficult. Itachi’s Susano is one of the strongest ones ever created. As you probably remember, Susano acts like a shield for the user, that’s not to say it can’t attack.

The Susano is fully controlled by the user and it is a long-distance combat technique that would have to be countered either by another Susan or some other unique jutsu. In this area, we would say that Itachi would overpower Minato. Even though his jutsu is nothing short of amazing, for this category it might not work from a technical point of view.

Itachi (1) : (0) Minato


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In this category, we are going to take a look at where our opponents stand in Dōjutsu. Dōjutsu translates to “eye technique” and it refers to special powers that come from the eye. Something that’s been one of the staples of the Naruto universe is the Kekke Genkai of the world, which include all kinds of very unique eye powers. This gives a major advantage over an opponent if the other one does not possess such power.

A fight can be finished in a couple of minutes after the Dōjutsu user catches his opponent in a Genjutsu. It is not a surprise that Itachi has the Sharingan, since he is from the Uchiha clan. Over time he developed an even stronger version of the eye called Mangekyo Sharingan. This was the unfortunate result of the trauma he went through.

itachi sharingan

The eye changes after the user experience something that causes them to go to a highly emotional state, in most cases something traumatic. See your close friend or family die and so on. This of course happened when Itachi followed the orders of the Konoha higher-ups, to murder his whole clan so an uprising doesn’t happen.

Minato doesn’t possess such a power, so in this category, he would’ve lost. Itachi’s Dōjutsu is extremely strong, although it does take its toll on the user, so he would probably use it when he felt like he had no other option left.

Itachi (2) : (0) Minato


One of the features of having Dōjutsu is that you can use it for hypnotizing powers that can be cast on your opponent. Trapping them in a never-ending nightmare that you have created. This is a mind manipulation technique with which you can take over your user’s mind and pull them into a world where there’s no turning back.

The only way you can get yourself out of this situation would be if someone helps you, by releasing you from this jutsu. The person has to make the sign of release and then you would be free to continue the fight, there are some special cases where shinobi have managed to release themselves from it but that usually takes years of training.

The power that Itachi possessed is called Izanami, and it is one of the strongest Genjutsu techniques. It was created as a counter to another just called Izanagi. The difference between the two is that Izanagi can alter the surrounding reality, so it doesn’t affect the user’s chakra directly but it actually affects the real world, bending it to its will.

The Izanami was created so it would balance out the Izanagi jutsu, and it’s a bit trickier to use. The user has to force their opponent to repeat the same movements a couple of times to lock in on them and activate the power. After the opponent repeats the movement, they are stuck in that loop forever. The only way to break free is to accept your true self.

Itachi (3) : (0) Minato


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Senjutsu is translated as “Sage techniques”, and it is a type of jutsu that uses the natural flow of energy and essentially extracts it. It is very difficult to control because of its immense power. We saw Naruto’s journey of learning Sage mode, and the person has to have a lot of control over their state of being.

Minato sage mode

Naruto was especially chaotic, so it was even more difficult for him because it required a lot of concentration. Not only that, there is a danger of turning into a frog if you are not careful enough and the flow of energy overwhelms the user.

We could see this when Jiraya was using his Sage mode, and it was not entirely complete because his face would merge with frog-like features. Minato also learned this jutsu and it is definitely not a category to be overlooked.

Itachi (3) : (1) Minato


We have arrived at the final category, and this one is a bit difficult to pinpoint precisely. Both Itachi and Minato are intelligent characters, and fast learners and they can both adapt to their circumstances really quickly.

When it comes to analytical skills, Itachi is stronger than Minato. His Kekke Genkai helps in this area as well, but also his time in the Anbu order makes it even harder for Minato. The Anbu training is notorious for its perfectionism and with good reason.

Their shinobi have to be prepared for anything because they are usually the ones doing the underground wars that most don’t even hear about. They have to be able to think quickly on the spot and be able to respond accordingly to their mission orders. Itachi was just a young boy when he joined and it is where his skillset grew.

Itachi (4) : (1) Minato


The two characters haven’t crossed paths, but it would definitely be interesting to see who would win in that fight. Since both of the characters have passed away it can be hard to tell what could’ve actually happened. They were both really young, Itachi was around 21, and Minato around 24 years old. They would’ve definitely grown more over the years, but for now, we can use only the available information.