Here’s Why Kakashi Can’t Use Susanoo Anymore

Here’s Why Kakashi Can’t Use Susanoo Anymore

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One of the favorites in the Naruto Universe is Hatake Kakashi. The Copy Ninja of Konohagakure was and still are the most popular Naruto characters ever. His aloof and relaxing persona at the surface, but coolness and goofiness underneath all that really made Kakashi’s character compelling and interesting. Throughout the Naruto series, Kakashi went through a lot, with many of his loved ones dying, but also becoming a stronger shinobi which was crucial in the Fourth Shinobi World War. The consequences of that war were great, including Kakashi, who lost the ability to use Susanoo. So why can’t Kakashi use Susanoo anymore?

Kakashi can’t use Susanoo anymore because he lost Sharingan, a Dōjutsu of the Uchiha clan, during the fight against Madara Uchiha. Years ago, Kakashi received one Sharingan from his supposedly dying friend Obito Uchiha, but when the Fourth Shinobi World War started, he realized his friend was actually alive. Because he gained his Mangekyō Sharingan when Rin Nohara died, with the power of Obito, Kakashi could use the full Susanoo for the first time. However, he couldn’t use Susanoo anymore after the Fourth Shinobi World War and the death of Obito Uchiha.

We will discuss this topic more by recalling the circumstances around Kakashi’s Sharingan ability, how Obito helped Kakashi, and how he lost the famous Dōjutsu of the Uchiha clan. If you are interested, stay with us until the end.

Kakashi awakened his Mangekyō Sharingan when Rin Nohara die

Dōjutsu in Naruto series was always insanely powerful. Some more powerful than the others, the Uchiha clan undoubtedly, had the strongest Dōjutsu in the original Naruto series.

The overpowered Dōjutsu really came into play towards the end of Naruto Shippuden, when the conflict and the danger of missing-nin using the ancient powers to rule the Ninja World slowly reached its peak.

In the Naruto series, since its first episode, we saw a massive conspiracy brewing within the governments of hidden villages of the Ninja World, with Madara Uchiha at the helm. He used many people for decades to achieve the unthinkable; his former clan suffered because of him.

The Uchiha clan was always handled by others with “gloves” since everyone knew their members could go from good to bad in seconds. The Uchiha always felt intense and strong feelings that would manifest in their famous Dōjutsu, which was simultaneously a curse and a blessing. The immense feelings of love that turned into hate and anger made the Uchiha clan extremely dangerous and unpredictable. Sharingan was definitely the strongest Dōjutsu since its potential could reach planetary powers.

Here’s Why Kakashi Can’t Use Susanoo Anymore
Obito sacrificed himself for Kakashi and Rin.

With that being said, Hatake Kakashi wasn’t an Uchiha, but he gained one Sharingan eye from one of the most tragic moments of his life – the death of his close friend Obito Uchiha. The third Shinobi World War was full of despair and the blood of innocent people, including young shinobi like Kakashi, Obito, and Rin.


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During the incident, where Team Minato is attacked by the enemy Iwa-nin, Rin is kidnapped, and Obito awakens his Sharingan for the first time. This moment led to Kakashi learning from Obito how the Ninja way needs to be more than following the rules, and one should always put the lives of others first before the blind duty towards the government.

The “bonding” session didn’t last long, and Obito sacrificed himself to save his teammates, which led to Obito lending his Sharingan eye to Kakashi in his dying moments.

Here’s Why Kakashi Can’t Use Susanoo Anymore

Fast forward to a few months later, when Rin Nohara dies to protect her village and when Kakashi awakens his Mangekyō Sharingan for the first time. Since then, Kakashi has built his reputation as the Copy Ninja, a man and a legend with Sharingan.

Kakashi’s first attempt in Susanoo was great but brief

We already mentioned briefly how the decades-long conspiracy almost destroyed the Ninja World, but thankfully, Naruto and his efforts for peace prevented that from happening. However, nothing was easy, and the constant losses and despair dominated the series until its “final battle.”

First, Madara Uchiha takes Kakashi’s Sharingan from him in a superhero-like movement (which was insane plot-wise) and puts it in his eye socket; then, after Black Zetsu betrays Madara and makes sure that Kaguya Ōtsutsuki gets summoned, Kakashi, Team Seven, and Obito have another obstacle to get through. The goddess of shinobi and the strongest being that ever walked on Earth graces our screens and proceeds to destroy everything.

Here’s Why Kakashi Can’t Use Susanoo Anymore
Kakashi’s Susanoo was brief but powerful.

However, Team Seven is on a mission, and Kakashi needs to help his former students to defeat the goddess. Obito obviously agrees and lends his soul to his friend, which allows Kakashi to summon Susanoo for the first time in the Naruto series. This moment was really exciting for Naruto fans since Kakashi’s Sharingan powers developed through 500 episodes of the anime, and this was supposed to be his peak. 


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Kakashi used Susanoo to save Sakura and then used it as a distraction for Sasuke and Naruto, who constantly attacked the powerful goddess. Nevertheless, Kakashi’s Susanoo was glorious and amazing, but Kaguya eventually destroyed it. 

The avatar helped a lot, but this marked the last time Kakashi would use Susanoo ever again. 

Obito’s final death was the end of Sharingan Kakashi

Technically, Kakashi lost the ability to use Susanoo when Madara took his Sharingan, but the true demise of Sharingan Kakashi happened after Obito gave his soul to Kakashi. With soul came the fully developed Mangekyō Sharingan, but after Kaguya destroyed the avatar and Obito was finally put to rest in the heartfelt moment at the end of the series, Kakashi lost the ability to cast any Sharingan-related jutsu.

Here’s Why Kakashi Can’t Use Susanoo Anymore
Obito’s final death prevented Kakashi from having Sharingan powers.

Frankly, this whole storyline was a “journey” in every sense of the word, even for the anime of Naruto Shippuden. However, despite fans saying it was sometimes ridiculous how the final fight between Allied Shinobi Forces and Madara Uchiha/Kaguya Ōtsutsuki occurred, it is remembered as an epic moment in the series.