One-Punch Man: Here Is How Fast Saitama Really Is

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He’s the protagonist of One-Punch Man and lives up to his name. Saitama is a man of few words who can move faster than we ever imagined possible. His superhuman speed has been demonstrated time and time again in the popular manga and anime series, where he single-handedly dismantles his enemies without missing a beat. Although it may seem impossible, Saitama’s success in battle leaves everyone around him stunned, and his speed is one of the ways he achieves this success. But how fast is he?

Saitama makes a 1.5-second jump from the Moon to the Earth. It is determined that his speed must be 260,000 km/s for him to do that, so we can assume that’s his lower speed limit. However, Saitama is meant to be a gag character, so the limits on his strength and speed are almost always whatever the plot wants them to be. He is shown to be faster than the speed of light, though we don’t know his upper-speed limit yet. 

The protagonist of the popular anime “One-Punch Man,” Saitama can move faster than the blink of an eye, leaving enemies stunned and in awe of his lightning-quick reflexes. Let’s look at why Saitama is easily one of the fastest characters out there.

Saitama vs. Flashy Flash


Flashy Flash is a very strong S-Class hero. Though he is inferior to Blast, the top-ranked S-Class hero, he is undoubtedly the association’s quickest S-Class hero in terms of speed. He was the former top ninja of the village Speed-o’-Sound Sonic is from, and he graduated with the 44th graduating class.

Flash confused Saitama for a monster, and the two got into a minor fight. As the miscommunication was resolved, the two got to know one another, with Flash recognizing Saitama’s superior skills. 

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They shortly go on a joint exploration of the Monster Association’s headquarters. Flashy Flash criticizes him, telling him he must look after himself and that if he can’t keep up with his speed, he will be left behind. 

Flash initially finds Saitama annoying, but after spending time together lost in the headquarters, he begins admiring some of Saitama’s skills. This makes Flash respect him a little bit, but he insists that Saitama still has a lot to learn.


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Flash was one of the few people who stayed conscious after Garou’s defeat and saw Saitama take down Garou. Flash acknowledges Saitama’s strength and determines that Saitama needs a trainer to hone it. 

He still has a low opinion of Saitama, though, due to his assassin’s instinct and mindset, since he believes that Saitama wastes a lot of his athletic potential and lets his guard down, allowing his opponents an unnecessarily easy opportunity to attack him.

Saitama vs. Monster Garou

Saitama confronting an evolved Garou

The “Hero Hunter” and a villain, Garou, is a prominent foe of the Hero and Monster Association. He is also a martial arts prodigy. He was once kicked out of Bang’s dojo for going on a rampage and is one of his disciples. He is frequently referred to as the “Human Monster” due to his obsession with monsters.

When he transformed into a monster, Garou became even faster than Flashy Flash, creating a constellation in a microsecond. Saitama could not only block Garou’s attacks but defeat him altogether. The battle is long and hard-fought, so we’ll skip to the part which best showcases Saitama’s speed. 

They exchange savage punches as they move and run about the devastated Io, intensifying their conflict. Despite countering him with equal force, Garou is perplexed that Saitama merely hits harder with the next attacks. Garou delivers a vicious stomach punch to Saitama, who responds with an uppercut that knocks Garou to the ground. 

Saitama’s growth in strength and power is shown to increase consistently at an exponential pace. Garou knows that if things continue, one of Saitama’s punches could kill him. With Garou now far behind, Saitama’s power increases due to an emotional outburst, and the Hero Hunter dashes about with tremendous speed in preparation for an assault. This proves that Saitama’s speed goes well beyond the speed of light. 

Saitama’s afterimages on Io

Saitama and Monster Garou fighting

During his fight with Garou, we see one more thing demonstrating Saitama’s mind-bending speed. This is in the middle of their fight. 

With one hand, Saitama digs his fingers into the earth and launches a brand-new move called the Serious Table Flip, which involves tossing hundreds of meters of the moon’s surface into the air. This carries Garou with it. Garou leaps blindly and helplessly into the air as the onslaught decimates all of Io. 

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Saitama suddenly runs past Garou with amazing speed, leaving behind afterimages in the process, before unleashing Omnidirectional Serious Punch, another lethal move, to simultaneously aim himself and his afterimages at Garou. 


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Garou immediately jumps into a portal to escape the onslaught, but to his horror, he discovers Saitama is exactly below him and delivers a Serious Punch. Saitama moved so quickly that he produced countless duplicate afterimages of himself. Saitama became unstoppable on Jupiter’s moon because he moved so quickly.