Giorno vs. Goku: Who Would Win in a Fight and How?

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It’s a battle for the ages. Two powerhouses of their respective universes, ready to clash in an epic showdown. On one side is Giorno Giovanna, the hero of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Golden Wind. With his Stand Gold Experience, strategic mind, and strength, Giorno is a formidable opponent. His adversary? Son Goku from the Dragon Ball series, with his Super Saiyan transformation and incredible physical prowess. Who will win in this clash of destiny? Get ready to witness an epic clash as they take each other on in a no-holds-barred battle!

This fight would cut it extremely close, but ultimately Giorno would be the one to emerge victorious. Giorno and Goku are two of the most overpowered characters in their respective universes. Still, Giorno’s Stand, Gold Experience Requiem, exists outside of time and can reset any of Goku’s attacks. 

Of course, we can never know the true outcome of this battle as it’s highly unlikely that we’ll get a Dragon Ball and Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure crossover where these two characters fight, but it’s still fun to imagine. Find out what we think would go down in this battle. 

Goku’s Main Abilities

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To make it as fair as possible for both characters, we’ll use their most powerful abilities to date from their respective wikis. Goku has a long list of OP abilities, but let’s start with Autonomous Ultra Instinct

Goku started learning the very potent art of automatic self-movement from Whis. Goku gained access to a special state during the Tournament of Power, allowing him to use this technique. He eventually mastered using this power to defend and attack simultaneously with maximum effectiveness, despite being quite primitive at first and only able to be applied defensively. 

At first, he could not use this power freely; it could only be used subconsciously in times of extreme need. Now, he can use Ultra Instinct in his base form after receiving training, albeit his mastery of it still needs to improve. He can also become Super Saiyan God, a condition that emphasizes cool, meticulous combat to increase his precision.


King Kai created the formidable attack known as the Spirit Bomb, which Goku has also mastered. The number of creatures sustaining its use determines its strength, but it’s arguably one of the strongest attacks in the Dragon Ball Z universe.

The Spirit Bomb’s users collect enormous amounts of energy from all selected nearby living things and inanimate objects before channeling that energy into a giant orb with incredible devastating power. When added to the mass, which is often blue or white in hue, energy appears as shimmering, glittering wisps. 


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The attack’s inception encourages a gentle breeze away from the bomb, intensifying into a powerful continuous gale and expelling vibrant bands. When used, the Spirit Bomb is quite quick, and if the user is careless, it can completely destroy a planet.

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The first energy attack displayed in the Dragon Ball series is the Kamehameha. The Kamehameha is Goku’s signature move and the most frequently utilized finishing move in the Dragon Ball series. It’s also become iconic. Even people who know nothing about the Dragon Ball series have probably seen Goku yelling this signature attack out, and a blast of energy shoots from his hands. 

The Kamehameha is generated when the user’s cupped hands are drawn to their side, and their Ki is focused into a single spot between their hands. The hands are then pushed forward to fire a massive, flowing energy beam. Because there are no Ki restrictions in this technique, your Ki’s usefulness doesn’t diminish as it gets stronger. Goku has a godly amount of Ki, so you can see how strong this attack can get. 

Giorno’s Main Abilities

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Now that we’ve analyzed some of Goku’s strongest attacks, let’s move on to Giorno Giovanna. We’ll start with base Giorno and his Stand Gold Experience and move on to Gold Experience Requiem last. 

Gold Experience can create an almost limitless supply of life energy and infuse it into anything it comes into contact with. Many potential effects can result from this talent. Gold Experience can impart life energy into inorganic objects, causing them to change into the animal or plant of Giorno’s choice. For instance, it can change a lighter into a rose or a suitcase into a frog. 

The living forms can survive for a prolonged period and even far away from Giorno. Additionally, it has the free will to reverse this action and restore an object to its inorganic state. When any of the produced life forms are attacked, the damage is mirrored back at the attacker, which can easily result in the attacker’s death if they don’t know this. 

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Giorno learned that he could do the opposite; construct specific body parts and organs out of inorganic materials and assimilate them into an injured person’s body. He can so repair horrific wounds using various techniques, albeit Giorno pointed out that this skill only replaces what has been harmed rather than genuinely repairing the damage.

On one occasion, he grew one of his hands back out of a brooch and turned bullets into the skin they had punctured. It’s been expressed by other characters that creating new organs and flesh to replace missing ones is not painless. 

Gold Experience also has some other abilities, like temporary reanimating corpses and Life Shot, but they wouldn’t be that useful in a potential fight with Goku. 

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Gold Experience Requiem is the upgraded version of Gold Experience, created after a Stand Arrow pierced it. Gold Experience Requiem is a close-range Stand that is unlike other stands in that it has a tremendous boost in speed and power compared to its prior form. Even its life-giving powers are upgraded.

The ultimate power of Gold Experience Requiem is Return to Zero, which resets all actions and willpower to “zero,” rendering them utterly meaningless and preventing them from becoming “real.” In simple terms, it can be compared to when you click “undo.” 

The opponent will experience death continuously if touched by Gold Experience Requiem. They will die over and over, yet keep going back to point “zero” the moment just before passing away. Giorno used this ability to put Diavolo through an infinite death loop. This makes GER one of the most overpowered Stands in the JoJo Universe. 

The Actual Battle

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It’s a fact that Goku far surpasses Giorno and GER when it comes to pure physical power, including speed. One could argue that Goku could just crush Giorno before he knew it had happened. Still, Giorno’s GER is an automatic Stand that will go into action whenever Giorno is in danger of injury. This means that GER was always activated to keep its user out of harm’s way, regardless of whether Goku is faster than or if Giorno’s eyes can’t keep up with his extreme speed.

Goku must first up his power level to defend himself against common dangers.  Giorno’s RTZ (Return To Zero) is ideal for this situation. To have Goku’s power level return to zero, Giorno only needs to use RTZ. Goku is then unable to fight or flee. He is just as helpless as anyone else. 

The outcome of this fight may change with time. With time, Goku may gain more OP abilities, some exclusive to manga or anime. Additionally, we have limited information on how Gold Experience Requiem works as it entered the scene towards the very end of Gold Wind, and it may not be as OP as we previously thought. 

Despite this, it’s important to remember that imagining these fights is just for fun and that trying to get to “the truth” of who would win is just an exercise in misery. So have fun supporting your favorite characters, but remember that it’s just fiction at the end of the day.