10 Best Dragon Ball Manga Panels of All Time

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In the world of manga, few series are as beloved and iconic as Dragon Ball. The story is thrilling and engaging, and its illustrations are something to be marveled at. It’s no surprise that fans can’t help but be mesmerized by the breathtaking panels of this legendary series. With vibrant colors, intense energy, and amazing detail, the manga panels of Dragon Ball will leave readers in awe.

Time has done nothing to dull the impact of Akira Toriyama’s iconic manga, Dragon Ball. The art style was pioneered in 1984 but still looks as good today as it did back then – if not better – with the crisp and cleverly composed panels truly demonstrating Toriyama’s talents. Even now, Dragon Ball continues to delight fans with its dynamic and detailed art, showcasing action scenes and still beauty. 

This article will rank the top 10 best manga panels from Dragon Ball and go into more detail about them. There might be some mild spoilers, but the main focus is the art. 

10. Goku was tough even as a kid

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The chapter opens with a cocky King Piccolo bragging that his Explosive Demon Wave has beaten Goku. King Piccolo abruptly stops bragging since he can still feel Goku’s ki. Then it can be seen that Tien Shinhan used all his remaining energy to shield Goku from the terrifying explosion.

Kid Goku was quite tough. In this panel, we see him boasting that he survived Piccolo’s attack, even though he looks tired and beat up. It’s one of Goku’s endearing characteristics.

9. Kid Goku knees Drum in the face

Goku kills Drum with a kick to the face

As he approaches the combat, Goku angrily glances at King Piccolo. Piccolo and Tien are both surprised because they thought Goku was already dead. Goku adds that he mistakenly believed Tien was fighting Piccolo, and Tien is relieved to discover that Goku is still alive.


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When Goku inquires about Piccolo’s appearance, he responds that he has regained his youth and grown significantly stronger. Goku is told to flee by Tien, but a now-rising Drum warns him that he will not let him. Drum moves to hit Goku after King Piccolo orders him to kill him and Tien. Goku, on the other hand, knees Drum in the face. Tien and Piccolo are in disbelief, and this again shows kid Goku’s toughness.

8. Goku gut-punches Piccolo Jr

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This takes place in the World Martial Arts Tournament. At this moment, Piccolo Jr. uses his Chasing Bullet technique, which fires a beam that chases after the target, but Goku once more turns the tables on him and manages to deflect the beam so that it hits Piccolo Jr.

Piccolo Jr. must pull one of his arms off and grow a new one when the blast severely destroys it. Piccolo Jr. then unleashes an angry strike that causes a huge explosion to emanate from him. Even though Piccolo Jr. spent a lot of energy on strike, Goku is not significantly harmed. Goku utilizes Piccolo Jr.’s worn-out condition as an opportunity to hit him repeatedly, culminating in a Kamehameha.

7. Blow up!


The art is good, and the paneling is dynamic and fun to look at. This is a page from the Namek Saga, and the story being told in these panels is so energetic that it almost feels like it’s being animated in your head as you glance from panel to panel.

6. Tien Shinhan’s attack


Goku turned to King Chappa’s move, the Hasshuken, while Tien Shinhan continued to fight Goku with the help of two new arms he produced. Tien then decided to use the Tri-Beam, his most powerful technique, to conclude the battle.

To push him outside the ring, he tells Goku to get ready to dodge. He gave a warning, and Goku jumped far into the air to avoid it. Tien was certain he would triumph because, unlike Goku, he can fly. Goku then launched himself upon Tien like a rocket using the Kamehameha.

5. Goku prepares to defend against Frieza


Although some manga artists produce more visually stunning work than Toriyama, Toriyama will never be surpassed in his ability to convey movement in battle. This is another panel from the Namek Saga when Toriyama was at his peak as an artist.


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Some manga, especially those with exquisite illustrations, are difficult to follow regarding what is happening. Since you always know what movement is taking place, the direction of the momentum, and how it all fits within the scene, this was never a problem with Toriyama’s work.

4. Goku vs. Frieza


He is among the best panelists and battle choreographers in comic book history. It is simple to follow the action in his drawings since they are easy to read, but they are also highly distinctive and charming.

Toriyama is a much simpler writer than many others in the genre, yet this works in his favor. While it focuses more on the characters and less on lore and intricate world-building, Dragon Ball is one of the simpler mangas to read. Dragon Ball is so well-liked because it’s simple to start reading and moves along quickly compared to other series.


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This panel is a prime example of these qualities. The panels are striking, and you can tell what’s happening as Goku prepares to attack Frieza and Frieza stands on attention. The tension is palpable.

3. Vegeta kicks Cell


Vegeta, the Saiyan prince, was the next combatant to confront Cell. The power that the self-described “Super Vegeta” had unlocked by training in the Chamber of Spirit and Time was more than even Cell’s astounding newfound strength, and Cell soon found himself on the verge of defeat.

Cell was aware of the Saiyan’s obsession with fighting because he was made from cells from Vegeta and the world’s best fighters. Cell deftly takes advantage of this by tempting Vegeta with the promise of an epic battle in exchange for helping him reach his Perfect Form.

2. Goku vs. Vegeta


Vegeta is enraged because Goku has more power than he does, so he decides enough is enough and launches his Galick Gun strike to obliterate the Earth. Goku blocks the blast with a Kaio-ken Kamehameha and overwhelms Vegeta. The resulting panel is a sight to behold.

1. Shenron’s summoning

Shenron dans le manga Dragon Ball

Pilaf and his gang call for Shenron for the first time in the series. To ask the dragon to make him the world’s king and establish himself as a despot, Pilaf steals the Dragon Balls from Goku and his comrades. Before Pilaf can finish his wish, Oolong interrupts and requests that the dragon provide him with some underwear. Oolong gets his wish fulfilled, Shenron flees, and the Dragon Balls have dispersed all over the world again.