• Valentina Kraljik

    Valentina Kraljik is an editor at Anime Horizon, where she has developed a passion for exploring the vast and dynamic world of media. With her degree in Information Sciences, Valentina brings a unique and informed perspective to her work, offering a blend of academic knowledge and creative spirit that sets her apart in the field. Before joining Anime Horizon, Valentina had limited exposure to the world of Anime. However, through her role as an editor at Fiction Horizon and her avid reading, editing, and reviewing of hundreds of texts related to the genre, she discovered the richness and excitement of the world of Anime. From the inspiring and imaginative worlds of Naruto to the dark and intense atmosphere of Attack on Titan, Valentina has honed her knowledge of source materials and their animated counterparts. As a writer, Valentina strives to bring objectivity and insight to the subjects she covers, regardless of the genre or subject matter. Her passion for media and her dedication to academic rigor have made her a standout in the world of media writing and editing, where she continues to bring a unique and valuable voice to the conversation.

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