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Dora Naletilic is an avid sports fan who found interest in TV and movies during her uni days in Osijek. After getting her Master's degree in Multimedia Culture, she studied character dynamics and plot devices of fictional media while also getting "giddy" about action scenes in Jason Statham movies. Dora first stumbled upon anime at a young age when she accidentally changed her channel to German satellite and spent hours watching Sailor Moon and Dragon Ball Z in a foreign language. Sailor Moon eventually came to her TV channel and became her favorite anime franchise ever. Dora continued her anime journey through the first four seasons of Pokémon, but only one season of Digimon convinced her that Digi Monsters are better (you can fight me on this every time). During high school, the Naruto series became the main anime and manga to follow, while Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood restored her love for anime. Nowadays, Dora likes to check out Boruto: Naruto Next Generations and anime like Erased and Your Name. Still, she absolutely loves the Berserk manga series, which she loves to analyze and write about.


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