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Anime Horizon, founded in 2022 by Incomera d.o.o., a company behind Fiction Horizon and Comic Basics, is your go-to place for all things related to anime series and manga titles, including hot debates on recent plot twists, fascinating fanmade theories, and much more. This is an all-inclusive hotspot for all anime and manga lovers regardless of genre preferences, whether you’re into classic fantasy adventure animes, action-packed anime storylines, spine-chilling mangas crammed with dark humor, or anything in between.

We feature an enormous spread of intensely researched articles that are dedicated to giving you everything you need to stay up to date, while creating a comfortable space for fans and proud otakus worldwide. Anime Horizon believes in connecting the dots between on-screen anime series, well-loved mangas, light novels, and even original anime web series to highlight the best of different formats and ensure you’re all set for whatever your beloved saga brings next. 

Our content covers a massive selection of timeless titles such as One Piece, Dragon Ball, One Punch Man, My Hero Academia, Naruto, Bleach, and many more. But, Anime Horizon is also committed to providing anime lovers with everything they need to know about more modern titles, as well as upcoming releases for anime movies and even what to expect for new anime series seasons – the list is endless! 

When it comes to truly appreciating anything anime or manga-related, quite a lot of the enjoyment comes from analysis and speculation – which demands having a broad understanding of the creators’ concepts as well as what’s perceived by dedicated fans. Anime Horizon takes things a step further by paying special attention to fans’ opinions and theories throughout different Arcs to get the best possible idea of each anime universe’s past, present, and future.

Apart from covering the most infamous anime and manga topics out there, Anime Horizon focuses on answering some of the most pressing questions that anime lovers have, whether they’re age-old mysteries or perplexing plot holes due to a recent release – not to mention topics that are often shrouded by debate. We have a diverse team of experienced writers and editors who are all long-time anime and manga fanatics in their own personal lives as well, tucking into an infinite list of exceptional titles on a daily basis. 

Our article database includes tons of topics that are designed to help you along your anime and manga journey, whether you’re looking for some detailed guidance on which form to choose from or just need to get up to speed in a pinch. You will find a spread of information on iconic sagas and fresh-out-of-the-box releases, topped with on-the-pulse sneak peeks, spoilers, trailers, and teasers that will help you stay up to date on all things anime. 

Wondering which is the most probable couple ship for your favorite anime protagonist? Eager to find out if that new “canon” anime title is actually an inspired spin-off? Have you been glued to the edge of your seat after reading the latest chapter of a gripping manga, wondering what could possibly happen next? Anime Horizon has you covered.

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